If you are hurt on the job, call our law firm for free confidential advice and direction regardless of whether you are ready to hire an attorney.


We will gladly answer all of your questions from wherever you may call in the country regardless of the craft or carrier for whom you work.  This is in accord with the Rules of Conduct followed by all Union Designated Legal Counsel approved by Rail Labor.  Advice will be given to you freely and without obligation in our capacity as Counselors at Law concentrating in the field of Railroad Law.  Please always remember that as Union Designated FELA Lawyers, we are here to serve you as a union member by answering your questions and by legal representation if you so request. Education about your FELA legal rights is the key to avoiding costly legal mistakes which may later haunt you in asserting your claim for on-the-job injury.  Remember also that the carrier has its lawyers wherever the tracks run.


Use your FELA Union Designated Legal Trial Counsel to level the playing field. Be wise: get advice sooner rather than later.

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