Light Duty Employment

Many railroads have a program of light duty employment for injured railroad employees.  The program is voluntary and exists in order to get you back to work quickly, ostensibly, for the purpose of easing your financial concerns and enabling the carrier to monitor your medical condition by observing you work after your injury.
If you are thinking about accepting light duty employment, you must keep in mind:
1.  Returning to light duty employment may actually make it more difficult to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.
2.  Returning to work before your doctor has given you clearance may endanger your own health, as well as the safety of your fellow employees.
In effect, accepting light duty employment can have serious legal consequences that may substantially reduce your claim under FELA.  You will be observed working, but any pain you may experience while working cannot be seen.  Therefore, you should refuse all light duty work until you have discussed this option with your doctor, union representative, and your FELA Union Designated Legal Counsel.

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