What should I do after an injury?

1.  Report the Injury to a Supervisor as the Railroad Rules Require.
It is extremely important to report your injury as required by the rules soon after the accident occurs.  Include all the details of the accident and never admit to being at fault.  The Railroads use any of the statements made in these forms against you during your case.  Always keep a copy of the accident/injury report for your records.  Make sure not to sign any form that you did not fill out without reading to make sure the facts of the accident are accurate.
2.  Seek Medical Treatment Immediately.
It is important to document your injury and have a doctor treat your medical complaints following the accident or injury.  Do not delay receiving medical treatment.  If you are injured on the job, you may need to go to the emergency room and it is acceptable to follow the Railroad's medical recommendations at the time of the accident.  However, once you receive initial treatment, you should seek care from a doctor you choose.  It is not a time to tell the doctor you are feeling “fine.”  Always tell your doctor about your injuries in detail, the pain you are suffering, and your concerns about getting better. 
3.  Start Keeping Your Own Records.
It is important to keep a log with details of your injury and treatment, including your doctors’ names and addresses, hospitals, clinics and co-workers names and phone numbers that were witnesses to your accident.  Make sure you include notes on how the injury is affecting your work and personal life.
4.  Apply for all RRB and Insurance Benefits.
If you miss work due to your injury, you should apply for all supplemental sickness benefits, including Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits and all private insurance benefits.
5.  Hire an Experienced FELA Attorney to Protect Your Rights. 
FELA is a very unique area of the law which protects your rights as a railroad worker.  The Railroad is hoping that you do not consult or hire an experienced FELA attorney so that they can pay you less than what is owed for your claim.  The experienced trial attorneys at Davis, Saunders, Miller & Oden can make sure your rights are protected and provide guidance through the stressful process of being injured at work.  Call us for a free, confidential consultation so we can protect you and your family.

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